Mandriva 2008 is out!!!

Mandriva TuxThe latest Mandriva is out! According to the features available it seems like huge progress has been made.

Something may catch your attention…the new look of Mandriva’s web site which is much easier to browse through.

Check it out for yourself:

The Mandriva Team has most likely switched to a better motto “Simple is Beautiful” and more efficient as far as conveying the simplicity message related to how easy it to use their Linux distribution. Well done!!!

There also has been great improvement in how much information is available all within one location (i.e. This feature was definitely missing in the past especially for new comers to the Linux world even though there had been here and there many web sites and forums (i.e.,, etc.) providing with such information but most of the time very scattered around thus discouraging people interested but who did not have days to put in but only a few hours in their Linux adventure.

Using the Drak Tool set in Mandriva is one of the many great strenghts of this distribution as being able to configure in whatever way that suits you best is a nice to have feature.

Another interesting aspect of Mandriva is it’s ability to recognize out of the box most of the hardware out there for which Linux is/was said to be trailing behind the proprietary alternatives.

Enjoy your trip to Linux with this latest Linux Mandriva 2008 distribution!


Install Party (

The Perfect Desktop (

Mandriva 2008.0 rocks (


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